Natalie C

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Ht: 5’5”
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde


700 Club Wife/Mother of 4/Voice Over 2020 Neutral Net Media Group
Colonial Williamsburg Shopping/Smelling Flowers Metro Productions
Norfolk Wholesale Florist Mother TV Channel 13
Virginia Teacher’s Association Principal Richmond, Virginia
Mother’s Day ID’s Daughter Family Channel
Va. Beach Tourism Mother Cornerstone Productions
United Mortgagee Wife Blink Media Productions
Terra Prima Skin Care Infomercial Frederiksen Television
Busch Gardens Patron/Visitor Rocket House Productions
New Detectives Wife New Dominion Pictures
FBI Files Sister New Dominion Pictures
Movie of the Week Realtor New Dominion Pictures
The Prosecutors Probation Officer New Dominion Pictures
The Prosecutors Stable Hand/Drug Addict-Cathy New Dominion Pictures
FBI Files Special FBI Agent/Sgt. Milarki New Dominion Pictures
Diagnosis Unknown Mother New Dominion Pictures
New Detectives Sallie Dillian/Detective New Dominion Pictures
New Detectives Neighbor New Dominion Pictures
Diagnosis Unknown Physical Therapist New Dominion Pictures
Critical Rescue with the Potomac Plane Crash Onlooker on the bank trying to assist New Dominion Pictures
Withered Tree Featured Extra Regent University
Touching the Supernatural Featured Extra/Reporter Windborne Production
Vanishing Son III Featured Extra R.A Productions/ Cenex West Inc.
Dinosaurs Inside and Out Mother/ Neighbor New Dominion Pictures
Electric Safety Nurse Coastal Video
Protecting Your Back Patient Coastal Video
Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Nurse Coastal Video
Bloodborne Pathogens-
Protecting the Dental Environment
Dental Hygienist Coastal Video
First Aid on the Job Student Coastal Video
Pro Visions Secretary/Business Women Coastal Video
Volvo Penta Wife/Buyer Coastal Video
“Freedom Fortress” Training Film Wife/Mother Kelso Productions/TRADOC/US Army
Lock Out/Tag Out Industrial Worker Coastal Video
Bloodborne Pathogens CD-ROM First Attender Coastal Video
HAZCOMM for Long Term Care Nurse Coastal Video
Violence in the Workplace Business Women Coastal Video
Health Care Nurse Coastal Video
Hospital Security Patient Coastal Video
Lab Safety Lab Technician Coastal Video
Ambulatory Care Nurse Coastal Video
Office Safety Business Women Coastal Video
Back Injuries Nurse Coastal Video
Previous Agencies Talent Connection / Actors Central / Glamour Modeling and Talent LTD
Modeling Glamour Modeling & Talent LTD / Marie McCullough Modeling Agency
Acting Weist / Baron Commercial & Soap Opera Class
Dancing Gay Bergman School of Dance
Certified Scuba Diver, Swimming, Diving, Dance, Choreographer, All Around Athlete/Aerobics, Yoga, Pilates, Tennis, Golf, Horseback (Western
and English), Water Skiing, Can Run in Heels, Works Well With All Animals, Photography, Drivers License (Standard and Automatic), Passport


FOR BOOKING CALL (757) 340-4613

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